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Make a Reservation With CatSnip

  Check the Schedule for accuracy here.

Note: All clients must be present at 7:30 a.m. for processing. Pick-up time will be given that morning by the CatSnip medical staff depending on clinic numbers.

Your Contact Information

Please double check to make sure your email address is accurate!

You must have an accurate email address without a SPAM filter for info [at] projectcatsnip.com in order for us to get a confirmation email to you.


Please make separate submissions for each cat you wish to have s-n'ed. After you hit the submit button and view a confirmation page, then click the back button and put the name of your additional cat(s) and descriptions in the form. Only submit one time for each cat you want spayed or neutered.

Note: For 3 or more cats you must send a nonrefundable prepayment check of 1/2 the surgery amount to:

3990 Flowers Road, #520
Atlanta, GA 30360

to confirm your reservation.

CatSnip can do, and prefers to do early-age spay-neuter. As early as 8 weeks and 2 lbs. It is easier on the cat with no adverse health repercussions other than those associated with all spay and neuter operations.


CatSnip Charges $40 for male neuters and $60 for female spays. The price includes a Free Exam, Free Office Visit and FREE Pain Relief medication.

Image of major credit card logos CatSnip accepts credit cards and cash!   cclogo     dollar

The CatSnip Reservationist IS OFF FOR THE HOLIDAYS and will resume on Dec 30, 2010. To have a guaranteed reservation, you must confirm your reservation by email info@atlantaanimalalliance.com or by phone (770 455-7077 #2) no later than 3 BUSINESS DAYS prior to your clinic date. Please print the confirmation and bring it with you at 7:30 a.m. the morning of surgery at the location and date you reserved. If you do not confirm your reservation request, you will be treated as a stand-by.

Please be considerate. We are a nonprofit and we are trying to keep our prices low. Our staff works very hard to bring you the best service possible. Please honor your reservation. If you need to cancel, please do so at least 3 days prior to surgery.

Important: PLEASE READ AND ADHERE TO THE PRE-OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS that you will receive once your reservation is submitted successfully.

After clicking the submit button, please wait to receive confirmation that the form was submitted successfully.