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Welcome to Project CatSnip

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Why CatSnip?

  • Experts in Feline Spay-Neuter - Over 70,000 Quality Spays and Neuters Performed
  • Lowest Prices / Best Quality! (We will match anyones prices)
  • Less Pre-Operation Stress on the Cat (Not Being Grouped in With Dogs)
  • Staff That is Highly Professional, Experienced and Loves Cats
  • Recognized as a "Best Practice" Spay-Neuter Program by HSUS and ASPCA

Low Prices: - $50* Spay - $30* Neuter  (*with $10 Off coupon)

CatSnip: Steps to Spay or Neuter your Cat
CatSnip Information
Step 1. Select A Location and date that is convenient for you. (16 locations to choose from) Our Schedule
Step 2. Make a reservation online. Reservations Request
Step 3. Read our Pre-Operation Instructions Pre-Operation instructions
Step 4.  Please make sure you  honor your CatSnip Reservation
CatSnip now Offers Vaccine Clinics on Fridays.
Check out our schedule!
Our Schedule
  Feline Fix Week
CatSnip = Value (Best Quality - Lowest Prices)!
  • FREE Veterinary Examination
  • FREE - No charge for in heat
  • FREE Pain Relief Included w/ surgery (Of Course)
  • FREE Nail Trim
  • Low Prices for Other Preventitives such as vaccines, deworming, microchips, flea, tick & heartworm preventitive
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Guaranteed space by paying with a credit card.
Please help promote Spay-Neuter.

CatSnip - Low Cost Spay-Neuter; (770) 455-7077

Go to WellPet Humane for veterinary care http://www.wellpethumane.com/

When you support CatSnip you also help support WellPet Humane (our low-cost veterinary clinic that provides lifesaving medical treatments for indigent animals) and other life-saving animal welfare programs from the Atlanta Animal Alliance.

WellPet Humane Banner Image Map WellPet Humane - Affordable Veterinary Care; www.wellpethumane.com

Additional Information

Additional Information
Take a Virtual Tour Virtual Tour
Meet the Staff Staff
CatSnip FAQ's Read FAQ's
Promote Spay & Neuter at Work and in Your Neighborhood Promote Spay-Neuter

Two feral cats sitting in a field

Our Mission

Operation CatSnip exists to provide non-lethal population control and assistance for cats.

This is accomplished by:

  • Performing high quality sterilization surgeries for cats to prevent homeless cats from being born.

  • Educating the public about cat overpopulation, sterilization programs and responsible cat care.

  • Providing exemplary services that are low-cost for families that are experiencing financial hardship.

  • Work with Metro Atlanta Veterinarians to help provide medical care and attention for indigent companion animals.

  • Operate an excellent, state-of-the-art clinic facility that employs caring, friendly and professional staff.

Why CatSnip?

While the majority of cats in Atlanta are afforded excellent health care, tens-of-thousands are destroyed annually. Many, many more live short, difficult lives outdoors. Sterilization is a non-lethal method of reducing cat overpopulation and the most humane way to prevent the birth of unwanted, homeless cats. On average, about 8 out of every 10 cats that enter Metro Atlanta shelters are euthanized. A large portion of those felines are kittens.

What is Project CatSnip™?

Project CatSnip™ is Atlanta's first and only mobile feline surgical unit specializing in spay/neuter. Our purpose is to end feline overpopulation in Atlanta by making crucial spay/neuter and identification services affordable and accessible for those on restricted incomes or who are caring for doorstep, stray and feral cats.

A mobile practice goes where the problems are and makes spaying/neutering accessible to more cat owners, especially those dealing with outdoor cats — affordability, accessibility and reluctance to s/n at an early age are among the chief reasons why cats produce unwanted litters.

Quality Medical Procedures

Feline spays and neuters will be performed by an experienced, licensed veterinarian assisted by two veterinary technicians. Rabies vaccinations will be provided for a small fee of $10. There is no charge for an office visit or examination. These services will be performed on an outpatient basis, with animals being delivered at 7:30 a.m. and retrieved in the late afternoon. An approved, safe anesthetic protocol that includes pain relief will be used and is included FREE of charge.

Specialists in Early Age Spay-Neuter (as early as 8 weeks)

Kittens can begin to reproduce at five months of age and can deliver two to three litters of seven kittens per litter, per year. Studies have indicated there are no adverse effects from pediatric (8 wks. to 24 wks.) surgeries. CatSnip specializes in early age spay and neuters. Early Age spay-neuter is endorsed by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Quality Surgeries

Black and white photo portrait of CatSnip Medical Director, Dr. Amy Orlin

Medical Director, Dr. Amy Orlin

Dr. Orlin received her BS from Emory University and her DVM from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. She has fifteen years of experience as a small animal private practitioner in the Atlanta area. She has served as staff veterinarian at the Dekalb Humane Society. Dr. Orlin is applying her skills and expertise exclusively to animal welfare issues and developing non-lethal methods to manage pet overpopulation problems in Atlanta. Dr Orlin is skilled in the practice of pediatric spay/neuter. Dr. Orlin is a specialist in spay/neuter surgery and has performed over 20,000 successful spay/neuter surgeries over the last 3 years.

Low-Cost Price

Only $40* Neuter - $60* Spay!

Prices include:

  • Spay or Neuter Surgery
  • FREE pain relief
  • FREE Examination
  • No charge for in heat
  • FREE Nail Trim

Compare our Prices

Compare CatSnip's Low Prices
Service Retail CatSnip
Spay/Neuter $100-$300 $40/$60
Rabies vaccine $15 to $50 $10
Distemper vaccine $15 to $40 $15
Office Visit $25 to $50 FREE
Nail Trim $10 to $30 FREE
Pain Relief $10 to $40 FREE
Total Price $175 - $510 $40/$60


Project CatSnip brings the Spay/Neuter clinic to metro Atlanta counties.

To see our current schedule, Click here.

Veterinarian Referral Program

We refer to local veterinarians for all wellness needs.

Sponsor a Spay Day

If you or your group would like to sponsor a Spay Day, call (770) 455-7077 for more information or email: info@projectcatsnip.com

Be Part of the Solution

Sterilization of companion animals is the non-lethal, responsible solution to cat overpopulation ― a choice that saves lives.

Help a Friend and Help Save Cat Lives - GiftSpay

You can buy a CatSnip gift certificate. A great way to help a friend. Just send a check for $60 to:

3990 Flowers Road, #520
Atlanta, GA 30360

Make sure you include the name and address of your friend. CatSnip will send a special card with instructions as to how your friend can obtain their GiftSpay. Your name will be included unless you specify otherwise.


Yellow and green cartoon dollar sign An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

The CatSnip™ mobile feline spay/neuter vehicle is a project of the Atlanta Animal Alliance, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity. The vehicle costs $150,000 to purchase and $250,000 annually to operate. Our non-profit, low-cost spay/neuter operation is sustained by private donations. All donations are tax deductible. PLEASE HELP!

To HELP ― make your check payable to:

Atlanta Animal Alliance
3990 Flowers Road, #520
Atlanta, GA 30360

For more info about Project CatSnip™

Benefits of Spay/Neuter

  • Extend the life and well-being of cats by preventing cancer and tumors
  • Promote non-lethal, humane methods of reducing the homeless cat overpopulation
  • Eliminates smells from spraying urine
  • Reduce the number of cats euthanized
  • Prevents howling cats
  • Reduces wandering instincts to mate
  • Helps reduce outdoor "doorstep" cat colonies from multiplying

Illustration of one cat plus one cat equals

Project Catsnip, a Program of the Atlanta Animal Alliance

3990 Flowers Road, #520
Atlanta, GA 30360
(770) 448-6806
E-mail: info@projectcatsnip.com